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Happy Valentine’s Day!

I hope all your husbands clean the toilets today! Heart made with my lovely and over-used Kona



Return of the Reflex and a Fabric Fieldtrip

My partner in crime, er, Kathy and I headed off to unchartered (for me) territory. Mystical Vashon Island. (Ok, no idea if it’s really mystical but I had …

A Chance to Win Scrap Republic over at C&T

Your chance to win a copy of Scrap Republic over at C&T right now. Entries due by 6:00 pm PST on Sunday, September 4th, 2011. And here is the scrap stash …

The Wall o’ Fabric

I cleaned up yesterday. There’s a boatload of fabric in here (but honestly, it doesn’t seem like that much now that it’s all cleaned up). It …

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