Pixel Scraps + C4 = This Quilt

All done (previously mentioned here). And, yup, that is actually what I named the quilt. I think it came to me during a Mythbusters episode. A perfect …

When Your Pixel Palette Explodes

You end up with this. First mentioned here. I took all the leftover pixels from these quilts (and a couple more that aren’t in the stacks) and sewed them …

The Technicolor Yawn Bedroom

Sean wasn’t keen on calling it When Rainbows Vomit… so Technicolor Yawn was his replacement suggestion. Means the same thing but much more… …

Megapixel: Guaranteed Insomnia

I’ve been working on a new quilt for our bed. I finished up the piecing today and dragged Sean out for a couple pictures. He’s afraid it’s so …


Sean says I’m failing at this whole corporate identity thing. Yeah, so everything looks different. Again. I like change. I stare at work related stuff …

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