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All done (previously mentioned here). And, yup, that is actually what I named the quilt. I think it came to me during a Mythbusters episode.

A perfect compliment to the ever-present grey out the window.


A close up of the quilting. A water ripple like pattern, but circular and follows the various color rings.


You end up with this.


First mentioned here. I took all the leftover pixels from these quilts (and a couple more that aren’t in the stacks) and sewed them together following a rough sketch. It measures 72″ square and is all Robert Kaufman Kona. Large majority of the pieces are 1″ x 1″. Largest pieces are 1″ x 6″ and 2″ x 2″.

This is for our house and won’t be turned into a pattern. It’s very similar to the original Mrs. Roy G. Biv pattern if you want to make one and need some guidance. And someone asked about a pattern for The Technicolor Yawn Bedroom. No pattern for that one but Volume in Scrap Republic is very, very similar.

I’ll take some closeups once the quilting is done…

Sean wasn’t keen on calling it When Rainbows Vomit… so Technicolor Yawn was his replacement suggestion. Means the same thing but much more… ahem… tasteful? Maybe we should have gone with The Robert Kaufman Kona Color Card: Quilt Version. That’s basically what it is.


The unquilted, but full picture version is here.

Sean tried to nix the throw pillows. I won.


While it might be a bit bright for some, I love it. And it’s more than perfect for our usually dark bedroom (the back of the house is much, much, much brighter).


Angela Walters quilted Megapixel. It’s curves are simply dreamy.



Since I freeze every night during winter (winter being defined as September through June) I had to make an extra little something for my side of the bed. While it isn’t a pattern in Scrap Republic, it’s built on many of the same principles.


I’m working on some more rainbow loveliness now. Pictures … soon.

Disclaimer: I hate the wall color in our room. Please ignore it’s hideousness.

I’ve been working on a new quilt for our bed. I finished up the piecing today and dragged Sean out for a couple pictures.

He’s afraid it’s so bright that he’ll never sleep ever again.


The back ended up pretty cool too.


I’ve got to piece some shams, iron it all and then it’s off to Angela!

Fabrics? Robert Kaufman’s Konas of course (I think I referred to this as Kona-O-Rama on Twitter a couple times). Just a couple leftovers from the 279 cuts of fabric that came in for these projects.

Now that the quilt top is almost done, I really, really have the itch to paint our room. I would describe the color as, umm, not my style. It’s just a bad, bad dream. No wall should ever be that color. I got two postcards from Sherwin-Williams this week. It’s a sign.


Sean says I’m failing at this whole corporate identity thing.

Yeah, so everything looks different. Again.

I like change.

I stare at work related stuff for so many hours a week that honestly? I get sick of looking at it.

Did I change just to have something different to look at?

Did I change to have the logo match the 7,293,288 pixel quilts I’ve made?

Or did I change just so I could justify buying this couch for corporate headquarters? (Though I changed the art before I found the couch… hmm…)

Yeah, I so want that. Like yesterday.

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