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Decor: Christmas

Now that Christmas is winding down and all the decor is going back into storage until next year, it’s time to look back on what items got a thumbs up and …

Randomness, The Patchwork Princess & Cold Eats

Randomness Here from the C&T blog? Check this post out for the links to the Quilt Remix preview. Man, it’s really, really (really)’ windy …

Yo Raleigh/Triangle Peeps!

We are having a MASSIVE yard/tag/garage sale on Saturday. I mean MASSIVE! I’ve been a mad women cleaning out every square inch of this house and making …

One Corner

One corner of the room is actually

Mr. Liam’s World

All done. 99% of the room is from Ikea.  Did you know you can fit a bed, dresser, nightstand, bookcase, and mattress plus a Liam and stroller into a Honda …

Patterns and Books

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