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Kid Art: School Auction Quilts

Last year I made up a quilt and donated it into the school’s PTA fundraising auction. This year, I did it a little differently. All the kids in both …

Rainbows. Flower Edition.

Real life rainbows today. No, it’s not over-saturated in Photoshop. That’s actually how red they are. And a never-ending blue sky. My little …

Introducing Alpha

We got a pet yesterday. He was about as uncooperative as my children are when I want to take a picture of them. We also got snow. Have a fabulous

Halloween: A Quiet Little Blue Bird

Liam was very angsty about what he wanted to be this year for Halloween. We finally settled on a cute little blue bird. So innocent. But if you tap him? Oh …

The Zucchini 500

Crazy things happen at the Farmers’

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