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Busy as can be over here in the world of Carolina Patchworks.

A new home …

(But the same city …)

A new project in the works …

And lots of smiles …

I’m still in the thick of finishing up the next project … back to the sewing machine!

A Snippet of What’s to Come

Snippet from the work world… I’m deep into the next release. Which rocks. But besides the random instagram pics, this is all I’m showing. Vague enough?


And a snippet of life too… today was the first day of school for us. Miss Maeve is headed to the exciting world of third grade while Mister Liam is officially a kindergartener.


Needless to say, he’s slightly excited about this whole school thing.


Real life rainbows today.


No, it’s not over-saturated in Photoshop. That’s actually how red they are.


And a never-ending blue sky.


My little photogs-in-training.


And a couple rainbows in the works at home too.

IMG_7388 IMG_7386

More on that project later…

This has been a long time coming. I need to separate the two. There’s just too much negative/stressful everything surrounding work these days (and the fact that I call it ‘work’ is an indication of a lot).

I know many people have been reading here since the beginning when the blog was a heckuvalot more about life than work but life will now be over here:


I’m really liking the tumblr format. Though I do wish I could box up an ‘e’ and mail it to them. You too flickr. Maybe I should change my name to mily cir. Spiffy, eh?

Our Gnomeo. Or maybe just gnomo?

And for work, trying to stay positive and upbeat, we’ll have some big news Thursday and new patterns next week (they are going to the printer in 3… 2… 1…).

And yes, everyone really does think my name is Caroline.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I hope all your husbands clean the toilets today!


Heart made with my lovely and over-used Kona Chips.

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