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Me = Crazy Lady

Confession: The crazy lady at 1st & Marion outside of Starbucks taking a picture of a huge quilt during the AM rush was me (and Sean and Liam). And the car …

Quilt Remix’s Ohio Star in Castle Peeps

So if you follow me on Twitter you saw me have way too much fun this weekend. What did I do? I actually made a quilt for myself. Not for work or a kid. But for …

Wednesday Randomness

1.  Hot Chocolate is good. 2.  Maeve says, “Mommy looks like a Princess and Daddy looks like the man on Mary Poppins.” 3.  The lower wall is …

Dear Santa

For Christmas I would like a sewing machine that can be powered by a 12 volt/car lighter plug thingy. Three suitcases, two strollers(double jogger and single …


We had a quiet day here at home. We started out with some yummy coffeecake muffins… … to eat while we watched the parade and the kids danced …

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