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Apparently he doesn’t get in enough bonding time with Objective-C during the day…

Live from Quantum Cogs‘ world headquarters:


No, it’s not amazing architecture or steel made out of jell-o, it’s Submerged!

Ever wished your camera could distort reality, just a little? Welcome to Submerged. Now you can take your iPhone or iPad deep underwater — and you won’t void the warranty!

(Note: do not take your iPhone or iPad deep underwater. You will void the warranty)


Cute toofies are even cuter in Submerged!

little liam

Aren’t these captions so incredibly cheesey?! Maybe I should stop.

Think of Submerged like a photo booth — in the lost city of Atlantis. Or maybe a funhouse mirror — made of jelly.

  • Wobble, shake, twist, or wave your phone in any direction and watch the craziness ensue. Or you can pull the lens around with a touch.
  • Distort the view from your camera in real time, or use a picture you’ve already taken, if you like.
  • Kids love it, if they can get it away from their parents.
  • “Pause” the lens in whatever shape you happen upon, and view the world through your own special filter. Or pause the world instead so you can play with it to your heart’s content!
  • Save a snapshot, or share it on Facebook or via email.
  • Make your 6 year old dance!
  • tutu tutu3

  • Give your 3 year old really big feet!
  • scooter

Requirements: Compatible with the iPhone 4, iPad 2, or the latest iPod Touch. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
Sadly it isn’t work with the original iPad because it lacks a camera and he didn’t want to release it for that while it lacks the main function. Luckily, I happen to know the guy who wrote it so I can still get it on my Gen1iPad.


See him? He’s smartb.

And that ends today’s shameless husband promotion. Enjoy! You might not want to show the app to your kids though. Liam got very upset with me this morning and yelled, “BUT I WANT TO PLAY WITH THE APP!!!”


Did you make it this far?

If so, here are two codes to download the app for free (don’t ask me how to actually use them… when my phone needs something, I hand it to Sean and tell him to do it). One time use, first come, first serve, etc, etc.


Have they been claimed? It’s 99 cents and can be found here.

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