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I’m Blue. I actually am slightly blue.  I wanted a Liberty of London dress from Target but the fabric was horrible.  Come July it would be a hot, …


After three days of sewing scraps, I managed to use 3lbs 8oz of fabric. At that rate it will take me over 100 days to piece together all 425+ yards of scraps. …


inches of binding to sew. A lot of those fabrics are the back.  Two of them are gifts. 

Snowstorm Fail

It tried really hard.  Really, really hard. School was let out early yesterday in anticipation of The Blizzard of ’09.  This was Liam on the way to the …

Mindless Sewing

For the first time since March — maybe April? sometime this spring — I sat down and just sewed something this weekend.  No deadlines.  No to-do …

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