Rare Clothes by Maeve Cier

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First, a moment to reflect on the awesomeness of this moment. Maeve, age 6, designed and constructed her first garment.


The vision: Pink, pink, pink and twirly. Very twirly.


The model stare. Did you know Joann’s has a collection of Disney Princess embellishments for clothing? I will be spending the rest of my life in that aisle if Maeve has her way. There’s 3 yards of bling on this dress.


See you on the runway friends…


… or just on the playground. Rare Clothes by Maeve Cier will be available on the “Flush the Toilet*” slide during recess after lunch. Cash or silly bands accepted.

*You know the slides that curve around and around? Apparently the kids in her class play the “Flush the Toilet” game on it. Sigh. Six-year-olds…

And in Mommy news, the Quilt Remix Blog Tour starts tomorrow! Yay! Katie will start the party.

According to Maeve, boys are not allowed in the room while the girls are sewing with pink and bling.


Maeve was simply giddy and ready to sew. So, off to the store we went.

I found out we have very different tastes in fabric (I thought we agreed but that all changed when talking about clothes I suppose). She wanted anything with sparkles, pastels, and just basically everything I didn’t want. Finally we agreed on this. It’s very pink. Very, very pink. It was her most important requirement while we shopped.


The pattern swore it was easy. Quilts-Only Mama begs to differ.


Pink thread. Pink scissors. Pink pincushion. Pink pins. Pink daughter.


The first item in Maeve’s debut collection — Rare Clothes* — is out only in Seattle starting tomorrow (morning right around breakfast time). By reservation only.

* She picked that as the name of her clothing collection. She was tickled that no one else anywhere would have this dress in these fabrics with these changes and this bling.