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So in sitting down to write this, I’m having a severe case of the I-Swear-I-Took-A-Picture-of-That-itis. Maybe I just dreamt about taking those pictures?

So the classes were awesome. At the end of Another Brick in the Wall, we put all the blocks made in class together and built the biggest, most diverse Wall ever! I got warm fuzzies at this point.


And the pictures I took in the other classes went… somewhere?!

The quilt show was a sight to see. It’s even more amazing in real life than in the pictures.

The quilts going up on the side of The Stitchin’ Post.


And later.


I loved the teachers’ tent. It was such an awesome mix of styles. It was great to see such design, craftsmanship, and creativity together under one roof (and boy, later in the afternoon everyone was grateful for that roof!). Here are two of mine that were in the tent. The other (scrappy Circular Reasoning) was in the same aisle, and the picture apparently vanished.


And chalk for the kids to make their own quilts.


I also took the opportunity while in a new part of the world (to me!) to explore. The drive from Seattle was amazing, but the roads around Sisters were even more amazing. The lava fields were about the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. I need to go back just to explore more!


The pictures don’t do it justice. One of those things you just have to see.

Oh yes, more teaching. This time at Road to California! Confession: I’ve never been to California before.

On the schedule, we have…

033 IMG_0014

5017-Another Brick in the Wall
017 IMG_4588_89_90


Class will focus on the crib size quilt. Kit information coming in the next week or so.
7016-In the Groove

And then the real fun:
9401 – Thoroughly Modern Quilting
Angela Walters and moi will be discussing the delicate details of barbeque. Vinegar is obviously superior (says the former eastern North Carolina resident*). But Angela, a Missouri resident, argues that it isn’t barbeque without tomatoes.We’ll continue our twitter war from a couple weeks ago in this exciting evening chat. We’ll throw in some modern quilting babbles and a trunk show at the end.

* Barbeque Wars don’t really exist in Seattle. Unless someone has figured out how to do Salmon barbeque…

Sign up with Road to California and see you in January!