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Spring Break Shipping Note

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Upcoming Shipping Note:

There will be no shipping of patterns, books or destash from Friday, April 10 through Monday, April 20. If you want your order to ship before this, please order by noon(ish) Thursday, April 9. And of course, PDFs will still be in the shop and the books are on Amazon.


quilt: bauble / color continuum no. 03
fabric: kona / robert kaufman
quilting: angela walters

PDF Patterns: New Titles and Updates


It was past time to do some store updates. I wanted got get in a couple more new titles but then I realized the kids were off school tomorrow so I needed to wrap this up today.

To ring in the arrival of the new titles, receive 15% off all PDF files with the code: NEWTITLES. Offer good through Monday, February 2nd.

The new/updated titles are at the top of the PDF section in the store. The new/never-been-a-PDF-before titles are:









The other titles received aesthetic updates. Hopefully I’ll get to some more updates and new PDFs this spring/summer!

introducing: no. 076 — Percolate

no. 076 -- Percolate by Emily Cier/Carolina Patchworks

These look like triangles, but they’re really ripples on a pond. Or a rainstorm. Or drops streaming down a window. Or a shattered ice sheet. In any case, something to do with water. Definitely water. Or maybe glass? Well, your call. We just make the shapes, you get to interpret.

Percolate is available here.

no. 076 -- Percolate by Emily Cier/Carolina Patchworks

Percolate is made with pre-cuts and yardage. What precuts you ask? The Kona® Cotton Designer Palette Series by Emily Cier of Carolina Patchworks available in January 2015. Fun!

Kona® Cotton Designer Palette Series, Emily Cier of Carolina Patchworks Kona® Cotton Designer Palette Series, Emily Cier of Carolina Patchworks

What else can you make with this collection of colors? Chi from Color Continuum no. 03 Emilychromatic!


Angela Walters quilted this one perfectly — emphasizing the movement within the quilt and building on the texture created by the fabric.

No. 076 -- Percolate by Emily Cier/Carolina Patchworks

And as the sun sets on Percolate, I will end here … with a wonderful 2014 that saw three books and two individual patterns released … and lots of ideas to start the new year.

No. 076 -- Percolate by Emily Cier/Carolina Patchworks

introducing: Color Continuum — no. 03 Emilychromatic

Yes, it’s named Emilychromatic.

Definition? Colors I like. It’s that simple.


No. 03 emilychromatic is the most personal entry in the series. If a quilt is able to tell a story, evoke a mood, or start a conversation, it’s because it’s the product of the care its creator has put into it: the craft, creativity, artistry, and even whimsy. This is no less the case when a quilt is a collaboration between designer, sewer, quilter, and even fabric manufacturer. As color is one of the more emotional aspects of any visual art, emilychromatic takes the series in a new, less abstract direction: where no. 1 monochromatic explored minimal color palettes and no. 2 polychromatic roamed the entire spectrum, no. 3 emilychromatic is grounded in Emily’s own favorite colors.

The first three entries in the Color Continuum series were drawn as a whole, most of them during and shortly after Color, Block & Quilt was released. As the quilts were finalized on the computer they naturally started falling into three distinct categories. And then I started sewing … but not necessarily in order. Maybe not the best idea, but sometimes you just  want to sew *that* but NOT *that* that day. Thankfully self-publishing gives me the freedom to do what I want, when I want it.


No. 03 emilychromatic is available at a special pre-order price through Monday, December 8, 2014.

No. 01 monochromatic, no. 02 polychromatic and no. 03 emilychromatic are available at special pre-order bundle prices through Monday, December 8, 2014.

No. 03 emilychromatic is also available on Amazon.


Now for the projects of no. 03 emilychromatic

Bauble: This was the first quilt I sewed when we moved into the new house in October 2013. The fabric had arrived before the move and it was just sitting there begging to be cut and sewn. Did box #3,284,220 really need unpacking?

I love the neutrals of the whites and greys with the splashes of pink and orange with some of the calming blues I love too much.


Chi: Chi started out as a run-of-the-mill X quilt. I wanted to do one but it had just been done and done again. Then the chis came to life. Xs but different. Perfect. This quilt originally used the Sunset charm pack … but at the last minute that changed.

When the Kona Emily Cier Designer Palette started having about the same release schedule as emilychromatic, it was a perfect match and this was the perfect project to switch to the new palette. A little change here, a little change there and ta-da!



Gloaming: This quilt came to life during the end of Color, Block & Quilt. I was working on some of the curve blocks and made a change here and there and this is what it turned in to. If you are an instagram follower, you know how much I love sunsets. This is the quilted version of the sun shining up on those couple little puffs of clouds while the last bit of sun sets behind the Olympics.


The real life version:


Nexus: One quilt I had wanted to try for quite some time is a celtic knot of sorts. I didn’t want it to be super traditional and this is what that idea became. Working out from the middle, with each round a different color and building atop the previous round.

On an unreleated note, I’m so happy the weather cooperated for these pictures. November isn’t always the best for pictures outside around here … ahem.


Fracture: This quilt was intended to be full zig-zagged lines with varying widths but in the process of drawing it, I started to like the unfinished, fractured look. It stuck. I loved it. And because I still do love rainbows, I had to add a little bit of a rainbow element to the book.


I would like to thank so many people for helping get this release done. A torn labrum in your shoulder does not mix well with quilting deadlines. I’ve always been bad at accepting help, but with four days notice of surgery with three quilts that needed to be sewn and friends are showing up at your doorstep with sewing machines and irons, you learn to say yes. Many, many, many thanks go to Kathy, Grace and Martha for piecing, ironing, binding and in general preventing me from going crazy.

Many thanks also go to Angela for quilting all of the quilts and to Ruth for binding those last few and making sure they arrived back here ready for pictures.

bauble_detail nexus_detail

One last thought: In the 30 Quilts for 30 Years post I mentioned how all my quilts end up with white-ish backgrounds and how I tried to break that in Smithereens. Obviously all these quilts were put together, either on paper or with fabric, before that self-challenge because all of them are white-ish. It is emilychromatic, so maybe that’s just a-ok.

Two thumbs up to Snow, White, White (again), Silver and Shadow quilts!

Tomorrow, we can talk about Percolate. <3

On to Color Continuum no. 04 … most of which was thought up while on post-surgery painkillers. This should be interesting…

30 Quilts for 30 Years: Smithereens + Giveaway

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And the winner is Bee ( whose loves Medium Grey (don’t we all?!). I’ve sent you an email Bee! Thanks everyone for sharing your favorites.

smithereens bh

Smithereens is what happens when crazy meets crazy. The description for this one is quite appropriate and sums it up nicely:

Emily likes to play with rotary cutters much like Edward Scissorhands likes to play with hedge trimmers. ‘Smithereens‘ is what happens when Emily and her rotary cutter meet a roll-up. Much chaos ensues.


The Summer 2014 Robert Kaufman Kona Cotton colors were fresh and new when this project started and I couldn’t wait to play with them. The best way to play with that many new colors all at once is with pre-cuts of course. Add in a background color and ta-da! After laying out the triangles, I auditioned backgrounds. I seem to make most quilts with White, Snow, Natural, Parchment, etc backgrounds. I really do try to branch out but that rarely seems to happen of late. So one day I sat there in Illustrator and went through every bold color in the Kona line. Regal was the winner… with a vibrant orange as the second choice. The result was Smithereens … maybe this will make me stop using white as a background in every quilt.

The Smithereens pattern is available in the shop.


For the Giveaway: One lucky person will win a charm pack of the Emily Cier Designer Palette (oh wait, that’s me!) from Robert Kaufman and a copy of Smithereens from me. To enter, comment below sharing your favorite go-to Kona color. Comments will close 10am (pacific) Tuesday, December 2.



Speaking of the Emily Cier Designer Palette, the projects that accompany it are in the shop and available for pre-order now. Color Continuum no. 03 is also available from Amazon. Lots more details on Color Continuum no. 03 and Percolate this Wednesday!

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