Pattern Corrections

No. 017 — Another Brick in the Wall
In Block A, sixth row, the right neutral piece should be 3-1/2″ wide.

No. 020 — Uptown Girl
The * on the back of the pattern makes no sense.  It should read:

* If you plan to long arm quilt this project, you will need additional yardage in order to mount the backing to the frame.

All patterns mailing after 7/15/09 will have a sticker covering the incorrect text with the correct text.  The art will be changed on future reprints.  If you pattern has the incorrect text and you would like a sticker please email me — emily [at] carolinapatchworks [dot] com — with your address and I will mail a sticker to you.

  1. Karen Barlow’s avatar

    Dear Emily,

    I am working on crib size “Pin Wheel” from Quilt Remix. I Love this project.
    I am confused about the cutting of the fabric. The cuts do not seem to equal the yield of circles needed. I believe there are 22 circles which would need 88 squares of fabric to make the pinwheels, yet the cuts noted in the directions do not add up to this amount. Does my
    question make sense? Is there a cutting correction?

    Thanks in advance for your help!

    Karen Barlow


    1. emily’s avatar

      Karen, I sent you an email but I’ll post the details here in case anyone runs across this…

      Each circle is made of 4 HSTs. To make the HST, you need one print and one neutral. This yields 2 HSTs. So to make the 88 HSTs, you need 44 prints and 44 neutrals.