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No. 061 — Circular Reasoning


In what scientists are calling a “freak anomaly”, the Typography 101 quilt pattern has drifted too close to a singularity’s gravity well and has been distorted by the resulting vortex. The result is believed to be stable, but we recommend extreme caution while assembling this one.

Finished Dimensions: 75″ x 75″

Pattern includes full-sized diagrams.

$10.50 retail / $5.25 wholesale

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No. 062 — Ascend


Zig-zags are the new black — fashionable, respectable, a tad predictable.

This is not those zig zags.

Includes directions for making five sizes:
Crib – 39.5″ x 51″
Throw – 59.5″ x 71″ (pictured)
Twin – 76″ x 96″
Queen – 96″ x 96″
King – 110″ x 96″

$9.50 retail / $4.75 wholesale

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No. 063 — Groove


The Sixties gave us a very unique view of the world, the result of a cultural revolution, accelerating rate of technological change, and — to be honest — likely a bit of acid. If you want to experience a bit of that trippiness for yourself, may we recommend this quilt as a relatively safe form of mind-altering substance?

Includes directions for making five sizes:
Crib – 45″ x 54″
Throw – 63″ x 72″
Twin – 81″ x 99″ (pictured)
Queen – 99″ x 99″
King – 117″ x 99″

$9.50 retail / $4.75 wholesale

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No. 064 — Quilt-O-Matic


Introducing Stitched by Carolina Patchworks (think of it as a micro imprint!). While the focus of the company remains quilts, it’s hard to resist a project like this occasionally.

The environment in which one creates inevitably has a subtle impact on the creation. When one is a quilt designer and one lives in a mid-1950s ranch … well, can you spot the influence this may have had on this embroidery and mini quilt project?

Finished Dimensions: 15-1/2″ x 15-3/4″

Pattern assumes basic embroidery knowledge. Includes full sized templates.

$8.50 retail / $4.25 wholesale

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