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a closer look at: No. 062 — Ascend

Today we visit Ascend.


Believe it or not, this quilt was drawn way back when. Like living-on-the-other-coast way back. Since then, approximately 3,284,882 zig zag quilts have been made in one form or another. I thought about scrapping the project, but I also decided that I need to refocus and stop worrying about such things and simply make what I like. That’s how the business started and that’s how it needed to continue.

The pattern includes everything you need to know to make this quilt in five different sizes. Crazy zig zags for the whole family!


More Robert Kaufman Konas in the quilt too. There’s a theme to this release! 😉

I found out that I have a thing for Cerise. I love it. I can’t believe it ended up in two different quilts — with completely different looks. The palettes were picked a couple days apart and I didn’t remember what exactly I had picked for the previous one. And then I was compiling the list of fabrics I realized Cerise was everywhere. It’s a good color to be everywhere.

Angela did an amazing job with the quilting on this one as well. I had an idea of what I wanted but knew it wasn’t really technically possible. Thankfully, she came up with something amazing and included a bit of my crazy idea as well.


I should title this picture:

Yet Another Woeful Attempt to Take a Picture in Seattle


It is a beautiful city with amazing backdrops but, goshdurnit, it’s windy! I swear 90% of the pictures I take look like that.

But at least once the work is done we get to play…


Tomorrow… No. 063 — Groove.

6 thoughts on “a closer look at: No. 062 — Ascend”

  1. Tamie says:

    I think this one might be my favorite. I love your color choices too.

  2. Robin says:

    Wow! The quilting on this one really is fabulous. It makes the quilt sing. Happy zigzags. 🙂

  3. Jennie P. says:

    Your quilts are gorgeous, and I’ve been wanting your Scrap Republic book for a while now, but just don’t have the budget for all the books I want right now. I found your blog just today and I see that a new book is in the works. Can I just say, Oh my gosh, I want that one now too. I love pixelated looking things. I think that will be such a fun book! I love the name- Pixel Play. It’s very appropriate. I’m definitely going to be adding it to my wishlist.

  4. Anita says:

    That quilting is amazing!! And… gotta love the Seattle weather, eh?

  5. elsa says:

    I’m getting this quilt pattern too ~ love it and it’s going to be for me! Love your designs.

  6. WOW EMILY ! the quilt is fabulous !!! the quilting just makes it more fabulous !! GORGEOUS !!!

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