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Working on some big blog upgrades today. None of those will go live until the new release is release (next week? next next week?) but in the meantime, some changes have gone live now, most notably, comments now close automatically after 60 days. It’s mostly due to the spam attacks but I get a lot of people asking me for support with their sewing machines (I haven’t used that one in 5-some years at least) and bringing up topics that don’t need bringing up.

So if you need to nag me, feel free to email me (it’s over there on the right. The new update has a little mail button.) or post to whatever the most recent post is.

The new stuff is close. Really close.


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Busy as can be over here in the world of Carolina Patchworks.

A new home …

(But the same city …)

A new project in the works …

And lots of smiles …

I’m still in the thick of finishing up the next project … back to the sewing machine!

It’s that time of the year … at pretty much every store in the world. The family and I ventured out to the mall this afternoon, just to see a movie, and barely made it home without getting run over in the parking lot. So for you, my wonderful customers, I’ll do my best to make your lives a little more store-free; just click-click-click … wait a couple days … check the mailbox … and voila! Gifts and goodies without risking life and limb.

Shopping for patterns and books?

Get 25% off everything when you purchase 2 or more patterns/books with the code CHRISTMAS2013. Offer valid on paper and PDF patterns.

Shopping for finished quilts?

Get 10% off all finished quilts with the code CHRISTMAS2013.

Shopping for fabric scrap bags?

Get 10% off all scrap bags with the code CHRISTMAS2013.

Plus a special offer along with all scrap bag purchases:

Buy 2 bags of scraps (mix-and-matching colors is ok!) and receive a free copy of Carolina Patchworks pattern No. 013 — Mrs. Roy G. Biv, a scrappy wonder of a quilt!

Buy 4 bags and receive Mrs. Roy G. Biv and another pattern of my choosing. Buy 6 bags and receive Mrs. Roy G. Biv and two patterns of my choosing. Buy 8 bags … etc, etc.

All offers expire December 24th. Have a very Merry Christmas!

Looking for Selvedges?

After telling myself I was going to make a selvedge quilt for the past half-decade (that makes it sound longer than 5 years!), I’ve finally decided the selvedges need to move one. Find them in the Etsy shop!

Along with some colors. More colors coming soon! Plus more yardage destash!

Perhaps the most asked question this millennium — is there a PDF Version of ’twas the night??!!??

It was in the plans to do it right after I got back from Market in May. But then post-Market insanity took over. And then life insanity took over. And then summer collided with all of that. And then a little more life insanity.

So now, 4 months or so later, there is now (finally) a PDF version of ’twas the night.

Merry Christmas!


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