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It’s that time of the year … at pretty much every store in the world. The family and I ventured out to the mall this afternoon, just to see a movie, and barely made it home without getting run over in the parking lot. So for you, my wonderful customers, I’ll do my best to make your lives a little more store-free; just click-click-click … wait a couple days … check the mailbox … and voila! Gifts and goodies without risking life and limb.

Shopping for patterns and books?

Get 25% off everything when you purchase 2 or more patterns/books with the code CHRISTMAS2013. Offer valid on paper and PDF patterns.

Shopping for finished quilts?

Get 10% off all finished quilts with the code CHRISTMAS2013.

Shopping for fabric scrap bags?

Get 10% off all scrap bags with the code CHRISTMAS2013.

Plus a special offer along with all scrap bag purchases:

Buy 2 bags of scraps (mix-and-matching colors is ok!) and receive a free copy of Carolina Patchworks pattern No. 013 — Mrs. Roy G. Biv, a scrappy wonder of a quilt!

Buy 4 bags and receive Mrs. Roy G. Biv and another pattern of my choosing. Buy 6 bags and receive Mrs. Roy G. Biv and two patterns of my choosing. Buy 8 bags … etc, etc.

All offers expire December 24th. Have a very Merry Christmas!

I’ve gone back and forth on what to call this group… the normal/modern/geometric/solids/whatevers. Today we’re looking at this nameless group…

I completely forget what the inspiration was for ebb & flow was. Perhaps one of those days just sitting and doodling on the computer morphing one thing into another and that into another and then adding a little from four versions ago. And then finish it off with a LOT of purple. Lots. The more the better.

Angela Walters did the quilting on this one (and all the others in today’s post).

This is an easy-technique-wise quilt to assemble and includes instructions for crib, throw, twin, queen and king sizes. I think it would also look really neat with scraps (but then again, I think everything looks neat with scraps!).

Next up…

The inspiration for Dahlia is simple. Remember this from Color, Block & Quilt?

When I was working on the illustrations last spring I thought to myself, what would it look like if the flower just kept going and going?

Well, Dahlia is what it looks like. The pattern includes instructions for all five sizes.

Next up…

Numbers were the next logical step after letters.

I wanted to make the pattern have a scrappy look, but with a bit more order. For spot & dot, I used a mix of charm packs (5″ squares) and scraps from Scrap Mountain. And here I should put in a huge THANK YOU to Mr. Carolina Patchworks for tracing and cutting lots an lots and lots of fusible interfacing for this release.

I know a lot of people get overwhelmed with the shear number of scrap pieces needed for some of my quilts so I was going for a similar look with lots of texture but overall slightly less intimidating. A perfect lap quilt!

Raw edge fusible applique makes this project come together quickly!

And the last for today…

Gosh, I love this. Sunset makes me smile. The inspiration was pretty simple:

This one has instructions for all five sizes. One for each room!

Be inspired by what’s around you. We have a beautiful world.

These four are also available as a discounted bundle.

(Spot & Dot is printed in a book format so unfortunately international shipping is crazy, but I can fit 2-3 bundles in one shipment if you have some IRL quilty friends and want to combine an order.)

So, yes, you’ve seen these patterns before.

Modern Rose Garden made its debut as a pattern on August 21, 2008.

It’s had some minor cover and inside changes over the years since it’s been a bestseller since day one and has needed a LOT of reprints.

But as the stack was once again dwindling, I felt it needed more than just a reprint. There were some tweaks to the design I had been wanted to do for a while but never found the time. I finally made myself do the tweaks, along with a new quilt and new insides. So, now, close to 5 years later, we have the all new Modern Rose Garden.

It was fun sewing this one. I haven’t made this pattern in 3 or 4 years so it was a nice walk down memory lane. One of the tweaks is that it is now fat-quarter friendly which is the most-asked for change *ever*. ;-)


Sweet Garden has had a similar history. It debuted January 25, 2010 as a layer cake (10″ squares) version of Modern Rose Garden.

Bazillions of layer cakes later, Sweet Garden is still chugging along and it’s stack of patterns in the stock room was dwindling like there was no tomorrow. While nothing changed in the design of this pattern, it got a new quilt, new insides … new everything.

This quilt makes me smile. There’s a lot of emotion and wish and hope attached to it. Though no one really will ever understand the back story to a lot of what I do, it’s there. Believe me.

Angela Walters did the quilting on both of these projects. Fabrics are Robert Kaufman‘s Kona along with Sue Spargo and Wendy Morris Folkloric Blooms in Modern Rose Garden.

Welcome back!

It’s taking its time, but it’s turning into a beautiful Spring around here. The flowers, sun and hopes of Summer have been helping me get through what’s been a very long few months for a few reasons I won’t get into, but suffice to say I’ve been channeling that into a new batch of patterns that I hope can help capture springtime for some of you — as well as some wintertime to help cool things down a bit!

Perhaps soon I’ll have more time to converse with everybody a little more — apologies if I’ve been a bit, well, brief lately. In the meantime, I’m excited to hear what you think of the Spring 2013 patterns, and hope to see some of you at Market in Portland next week. If you’re going, please stop by Booth 2432 and pet the quilts!

A few shipping notes:

  • New titles will begin shipping Friday, May 10th.
  • Due to Market, there will be no shipping Tuesday, May 14th-Monday, May 20th.

I’ll go into more details about each of the titles starting tomorrow, but for now, I’m happy to present Carolina Patchworks’ Spring 2013.
Click on each cover to jump over to the shop and see more.


There are also a couple of discounted bundles. First the four (normal/non-themed/modern/geometric/whateveryouwanttocallthem) patterns:

And the four Christmas patterns:


Tomorrow we’ll start off the fun with those top two patterns. Yes, you’ve seen them before. But they are back (ok, so they never went away) and better than ever!

Welcome all! Today is my stop on Daisy Janie’s Bee Block Blog Hop. We all got to play with her newest fabric collection, New Leaf, which also happens to be 100% GOTS certified organic cotton.

The two things that make these prints pop to me are the beautiful jewel tones and the curves within the designs.Jan’s guidance for the project was “turning over a new leaf” which I took to heart in a big way. It’s been a trying year around here … and a fresh start is exactly what I need. The leaf motif in the print on top in the picture below grabbed my attention and inspired the shapes in my block.

Let’s get started…

1. Pick four prints for the background. I chose these since they had small prints with not too much contrast.

2. Cut one 6.5″ square from each print.

3. Download the leaf template by clicking here and print one copy. Make sure you print at 100% so your leaves come out the right size (the box outline should measure 6.5″). Trace four copies of the leaf motif (four centers and 12 leaves) onto the liner of double sided fusible interfacing. Roughly cut them out.

4. Fuse the leaf motif pieces onto more New Leaf fabrics (not the 6.5″ squares). This is a perfect opportunity to frame/fussy cut some of the beautiful details within Jan’s New Leaf fabrics! After fusing, cut the leaves and centers out. Arrange onto the 6.5″ squares using the template printed out in Step 3 for placement.

Once you’re happy with the placement, remove the paper liners, double and triple check placement and fuse to the background fabric.

5. Stitch in a coordinating thread, about 1/8″ from the edge of the leaves and centers.

6. Arrange the four blocks, with the centers all pointing towards the center. Sew into a 12.5″ block.

Check out the fussy cuts!

I hope every enjoys making their block and playing with the beautiful organic fabrics! Many thanks to Jan for letting me play with her lovely new fabrics!

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And for the Fat Quarter Word Scramble… the letter is I.
(see details on this here)

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