introducing: Color Continuum — no. 05 Gradients

Color Continuum — no. 05 Gradients  Five Quilt Projects Turning Dark to Light Links: Order Color Continuum — no. 05 Gradients here. Color …

introducing: Preshrunk Quilts

Preshrunk Quilts 20 Mini Quilts Inspired by Carolina Patchworks Favorites Links: Order Preshrunk Quilts here. Preshrunk Quilts is also available on Amazon. A …

introducing: Color Continuum — no. 04 Duochromatic

No. 4 duochromatic strips palettes back to their most basic: pairs of colors. From morality to movies to the printed page, the notion of black and white holds …

introducing: Color Continuum — no. 03 Emilychromatic

Yes, it’s named Emilychromatic. Definition? Colors I like. It’s that simple. No. 03 emilychromatic is the most personal entry in the series. If a …

introducing: Color Continuum — no. 02 Polychromatic

Color Continuum — no. 02 Polychromatic, a new book with five modern polychromatic (rainbows!!) quilt projects is here! All of the projects are precut …

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