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We’ve reached that time of year when work gets put on the backburner … but for a good reason. I plan on spending the next week or so cuddled up, wrapping and unwrapping presents, playing with toys and eating hypoallergenic cookies.

Orders will still ship but perhaps a not quite as quick as usually. Don’t forget, there’s always PDFs for instant gratification.

Color, Block & Quilt is working its way through Amazon and is now available in many other countries: book book & workbook book & workbook book & workbook book & workbook book book & workbook

and of course, book & workbook and from my shop.

Thank you everyone for a wonderful year. <3

I hope you and yours have a fabulous holiday season in whatever way you choose to celebrate it.


The 12 Days are all over! Thanks everyone! I hope to have everything in the mail on Tuesday December 18th.

On the twelfth day of Christmas,
my true love sent to me
Twelve drummers drumming in excitement over a really cool new book,
Eleven pipers piping atop a really tall Wall,
Ten lords a-leaping scending,
Nine ladies dancing gettin’ their Groove on,
Eight maids a-milking in the lush Modern and Sweet Gardens,
Seven swans a-swimming in the frigid Puget Sound waters,
Six flying geese a-laying,
Five (ok, just one) golden rings filled with letters,
Four calling birds sitting atop the Space Needle,
Three French hens wandering around under a starry sky,
Two turtle-butterfly-doves,
And a partridge in a Sprout tree.

For just one day(-ish), Color, Block & Quilt and the Book & Workbook bundle will both have free domestic shipping and reduced international shipping!

If you’ve purchased other deals during the 12 days and order the book today, all of the other items will fit in the same envelope and all the shipping will be free/reduced. If you want to buy anything in addition to this book today, go ahead and fill up your envelope! (The shopping cart will automatically add shipping, but that will be refunded during package packing.)

Offer ends around 9-10am-ish Pacific Time on Monday December 17th.

Merry Christmas!


It’s here!

Pre-orders are mailing tomorrow (Tuesday).

Buy your copy in the shop or on Amazon (and workbook).

Time to go pack these puppies up and feel like an Amazon Distribution Center employee.

On the second day of Christmas,
my true love sent to me
Two turtle-butterfly-doves (a new species! just discovered!),
And a partridge in a Sprout tree.

For one day only, my third book, Pixel Play, will be just $15.

Fine Print and Details:

Choose your shipping option in the listing before you check out. The options are:
– Ship Now
– Hold Until the End of The 12 Days (Think you might want more? I’ll hold off shipping until the end of The 12 Days. Shipping will be automatically added each time you check out. At the end of The 12 Days, I’ll pack up all your goodies and refund any shipping overage.)

The Days will switch around 9-10am Pacific Time.

Merry Christmas!

Color, Block & Quilt: 15 color palettes – 15 blocks – 10 quilts – 2,206,264,748,501,250 possibilities

Color, Block & Quilt: Workbook

The books for the pre-orders are on their way to me if you’ve already ordered. Have a fabulous weekend!


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