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Dorky Handmade Holidays

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I assume everyone has read the book? If not, it totally rocks. Go read it. Now.

People always think that because I can sew a quilt that means that I can sew anything that can possibly be sewn. Clothes, costumes, purses, pillows, doll accessories … if it’s made of fabric then Emily should be able to sew it! And hemming pants? Last time Mr. Carolina Patchworks needed pants hemmed I made him take them to a tailor. Yes, really.

The reality of it all is that I suck at and pretty much despise sewing anything other than a quilt. The only time I consider it is if it’s for Sean, Maeve or Liam. Maeve and Liam can look past any imperfections because Mommy just made them something really really cool that they really really wanted. Sean on the other hand is a grown up with 20/20 vision.

Ok Sean, stop reading here. The rest of you may continue…

Many moons ago Sean had to fly out here for his interview and wanted to bring his caseless iPad. He asked if I could sew him something really really quick because he had to leave for the airport in 4 minutes. Two pieces of batting and two pieces of grey fabric later, Sean was off to RDU. It was a sad and pathetic little case but it did the job.

For Father’s Day I had every intention of sewing him a *real* iPad case. Should we talk about how busy June was?

In July he moved out here. I had every intention of sewing the case and mailing it to him for a wonderful little surprise. Should we talk about how busy July-September was?

Then in late September we moved and all promises went out the window.

So poor Sean has had this pathetic little half-assed iPad case for half a year now.

For Christmas I decided that the silliness needed to end. I think it totally has the dorky homemade look going on. I have no idea what he will think of it. Last Christmas I made him a silk quilt. That was so much easier.


He {hearts} Beaker even though he swears he’s a grown up.

It has 2 layers of batting and one layer of heavy interfacing so it’s much more, uh, structural? than the previous version.


And a spiffy little tab with some velcro to keep it closed.

Needless to say I am not on the best of terms with the satin-stitching stitch on my machine. And wth is Wonder Under? Is it underwear that turns you into a superhero?

I have no idea if he’ll like it but if he wants to sleep in our bed on Christmas night he’ll at least smile and tell me he likes it.

As for my iPad? I think I’ll just go find a case at the Apple store because I am so NOT making one of these for me.

Off to go cut some fabric for a quilt because that is what I make … QUILTS!


8 thoughts on “Dorky Handmade Holidays”

  1. felicity says:

    BEAKER! I heart Beaker so I think that iPad case is awesome. I would love to have it and I don’t even HAVE an iPad.

    I’m sure your husband will love it. If not, there are two words for him: Couch. Surfing. 🙂

  2. ~Michelle~ says:

    My prediction? He’s going to love it! And if he doesn’t, you can send it to me! I don’t even have an ipad, but that’s just too fun!

  3. Alyson says:

    Love it! How awesome, beaker!!! Perfect, well done.

  4. Kelly K says:

    I want one, I really really love it. He will love it, I’m sure! You did a fantastic job creating that!

  5. Judy says:

    I LOVE Beaker too! That is a fantastic case and if he doesn’t like it, it can have a safe, warm, and loving Michigan home 🙂 Merry Christmas!

  6. Joanna says:

    I love it! But I love more that he has to say that HE loves it to sleep in your bed. Andrew has those days too. “Please look at this, and remember, there is a right answer.” Merry Christmas and I wish your husband the best of luck!

  7. Oh, I’m with you. Only quilts here.

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