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Scrap Republic: More Pictures

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To celebrate it’s official release today, I dragged the Scrap Republic quilts out for a field trip to the backyard.



And still my favorite:


(Is it possible to iron a quilt *after* you’ve taken a picture of it? I need the Photoshop ‘Iron’ tool…)

And my adorable little helpers:



The kids got their copies of the book the other day. Liam declared it very, very pretty. Maeve took hers to school and showed it to everyone.


3 thoughts on “Scrap Republic: More Pictures”

  1. Jan says:

    looooove these quilts, esp. agains the blue sky like that!

  2. Kim Martens says:

    Blue skies? Are you sure you live in Seattle? : )

    Those quilts are amazing! LOVE them all! Especially that second one, it has great movement! Gorgeous!

  3. Paula G says:

    I love those quilts!

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