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Kid Art: School Auction Quilts

Last year I made up a quilt and donated it into the school’s PTA fundraising auction. This year, I did it a little differently. All the kids in both …

a closer look at: No. 064 — Quilt-O-Matic

We wrap up the new pattern roundup today with something completely different. I’ve never done a mini-quilt pattern before nor have I done an embroidery …

a closer look at: No. 063 — Groove

I’m going to go out on a limb – and based on pre-orders – and say you guys are somewhat fond of this pattern. 🙂 One of the challenges of …

a closer look at: No. 062 — Ascend

Today we visit Ascend. Believe it or not, this quilt was drawn way back when. Like living-on-the-other-coast way back. Since then, approximately 3,284,882 zig …

a closer look at: No. 061 — Circular Reasoning

Seattle. This city is all about water — whether it’s falling from the sky, in the Sound, Bay or a lake, or frozen on the mountain you’re …

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