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Galaga Retro Arcade Quilt up on Etsy

All done and up on Etsy. I think Sean secretly wishes it won’t sell so he can keep it.

Want a video game quilt?

Gotta love the quilt stand with legs.

Sean playing on the big screen.

What shall I do next? I’m thinking Mario Brothers or Zelda.

12 thoughts on “Galaga Retro Arcade Quilt up on Etsy”

  1. Liz Henry says:

    Holy cow, that’s the best thing ever! Wait, it might have to fight it out with this crocheted Atari.

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  3. carla de bruijn says:

    dear emily,
    your patchwork is beautiful.
    I make patchwork quilts of crocheted squares, sometimes I make a pattern and sometimes I take a photo I made and bij photoshop make a blockpattern of it and crochet it.
    It takes then many colors of cotton which are hard to get.
    Crocheting squares is easy because you can do it everywhere, in front of the tv (very often not much to see anyway) in waitingrooms, during boring meetings ect.
    I agree: the world needs more patchwork

  4. Alice says:

    That’s really fabulous! Well done you. Galaga.. vintage stuff.

    As for what next, definitely Zelda. There’s just not enough Zelda out there (where there is plenty Mario)…

    Alice. x

  5. Love the quilt! Very cool. The last picture of Sean playing on the big screen, is that a room in your house?? If so wowza…now I really do want to move in!

  6. emily says:

    Ah, yes, that is the husband’s playroom.

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