Maypole Baby Jane Quilt

Ah, Jane, how I’m so incredibly thrilled you are done…

My favorite blocks (though they’re all pretty cool):

And my favorite triangles:

And this one has my favorite fabric too:

And my favorite corners (yes I picked two even though there are only four total):

Super cool scalloped edges:

By the creek (which has *just* enough water in it to have the sweet babbling brook sounds)…

And relaxing in the flat(!!) yard…

The hill… this is why I had to wait until it dried out a bit.  I think it’s steeper than the photo shows.

Why did I have to pick a photo spot so freakin’ far away?  At least when the creek floods there’s no chance of it reaching the house!

Oh, and this picture too. ;-)

My line isn’t high enough for a quilt this big and there is no way I’m carrying a ladder down there.

So that’s my Jane.  I still can’t believe she’s done.  I’ve taken two naps under her and she’s amazingly warm.  Wub.

  1. Debbie’s avatar

    so pretty. you must be so proud.


  2. Alice’s avatar

    Congratulations! This is absolutlely beautiful. I know you’ll cherish it FOREVER. I’m very, very impressed.


  3. John’s avatar

    this is sure to become a family heirloom. congratulations! so when are you starting another one? ; )


  4. Audrey’s avatar

    Absolutely beautiful! I am so impressed!


  5. Alyson S’s avatar

    It makes me want to cry…it is THAT beautiful!!! I have really enjoyed all the photos while you were sewing it and it is AMAZING finished!!! The fabric is great. Someday I will tackle one….thanks for sharing yours. :)


  6. Nadia Lewis’s avatar

    Congrats! I’ve loved watching you create this amazing piece.


  7. Carrie’s avatar

    Beautiful! Something to surely cherish!


  8. Robin’s avatar

    Fabulous!!!! What an amazing quilt! You should be so proud. Like crazy proud. And what an inspiration! Hopefully I’ll actually finish mine one day. :)


  9. Melissa’s avatar

    Emily, I have to shamefully admit that when you’d show these squares and triangles I couldn’t see the beauty in them. I wondered why you were toiling so long on it! But the finished product is SO gorgeous! Such a work of art! Congratulations on your masterpiece! :)


  10. Shanna’s avatar

    This is amazing!! I am in love with it!! Congratulations!


  11. Jessi’s avatar

    Wow! I am so impressed. It is gorgeous.


  12. abby’s avatar



  13. Karen’s avatar

    Your quilt is absolutely stunning!!!!


  14. Jeri’s avatar

    That. Is truly lovely.


  15. Viv’s avatar

    OMG! that quilt is to die for. You must be so proud of yourself. I love all the colours you’ve used. Wow, certainly something to aspire too. I’ll have to keep following your blog for inspiration. Love all the pirate posts too :-)


  16. Julie’s avatar

    Your Jane is so beautiful!! Thanks for sharing your journey with us!


  17. Nevis’s avatar

    It’s absolutly amazing!


  18. Fay’s avatar

    I am with Melissa – so often when you posted blocks I thought “oh, so fussy” or didn’t love the colors. But I should have trusted your vision, it is AMAZING.


  19. Sonja’s avatar

    Congratulations, Carolina!!!
    I can tell, I’m watching your blog more than 1h now (since the beginning) and there was more & more suspens:)))
    WaoW, it’s a kind of impressive!!!!
    Now, I’m wondering if you have a new “longlasting prject” on-the-go?
    …the next 1/2h will tell;)))


  20. Janet’s avatar

    Beautiful!! Congrats on getting it done and doing such a fabulous job. Love the colors!


  21. aseemlylife’s avatar

    Your Jane quilt is lovely. Just found it today. I’m working on one too. I’m on row H. I don’t have it on one of my blogs I only update it after we get together which is every 6 months.
    Thanks for the inspiration.


  22. Ginger’s avatar

    I love your Baby Jane quilt! It is stunning. It makes me want to get mine out and work on it some more. A little inspiration from others is good medicine for me!


  23. Dawn’s avatar

    Your Jane is amazing… I love the color choices…. so fresh and wow… well done, your a great inspiration on me finishing mine!…
    Hugs Dawn x x x


  24. Cynthia’s avatar

    Your quilt is beautiful. I LOVE the bright colours. I am working on two and am only about a third finished. I really MUST get back to them.


  25. Marie’s avatar

    WOW! You have really upped he anti for best use of color, imagination, creativity and so much more. Our beloved Dear Jane looks great in any fabric category from antique to modern. Emily, your DJ is now among my favorites. I absolutely love it.


  26. Abby’s avatar

    Hello Emily, I am sure u r busy with the up coming move, kids in school and other fun stuff. But I have been wondering for ever what you ever did with your Dear Jane. Do you use her?


    1. emily’s avatar

      Jane is folded nicely and sitting on a shelf. *way* too hot to actually use it right now but I did use it occasionally in the winter. Will again this year — it’s a very snuggly quilt!


  27. Sharon’s avatar

    She is gorgeous!
    I have just begun mine and hope she turns out half as well.