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The number of work-related quilts in our master closet.

I need a bigger closet.

Perhaps we can finish the attic?  It’s about 1000 sq ft up there.

That should hold me for another couple months.

Back to Illustrator.

Working on more quilts of course.

5 thoughts on “70”

  1. Jackie says:

    That is just heaven to me!

  2. John says:

    Wow, a 1000 sqft attic studio sounds like a dream!

  3. Jodie says:

    Oh my gosh – that closet sounds amazing! I think we need a virtual tour!

  4. emily says:

    An attic studio does sound fab to me (to my arthritic knees and bank account… not so much). I have the whole space planned out in my head… down to finishing, light fixtures, etc. Plus storage for all the patterns, quilts and fabric. Ahhhh…..

    No virtual tour of the current closet. It needs a visit from Martha Stewart before I publish photos of my closet online. 😉

  5. jaybird says:

    you crack me up!! you’ll get that attic studio one day… i know you will!

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