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It’s an Enigma…


Just how does it work? It’s an enigma. Hence the name.

No. 056 — Enigma is slightly tangram based. Slightly insanity based. And all good.

Want to know what else is all good? It’s easy to put together.

056 IMG_5185_6

Angela Walters did the quilting for this batch of quilts and I couldn’t be happier. I gave very little guidance because I was just spent, sapped and over-everything.

I pieced a twin for the sample quilt, but luckily with the power of a crop tool and nifty placement it works well on a king bed for photos.

056 IMG_5173_4_5

The fabric is Curio and Grunge by Basic Grey — who seem to have some hold over me. I really love all their work.

I ran out everytime there was a pretty sky and took pictures of this batch. Unfortuantly on this quilt it took up most of the cover. But this is what was going on behind My Quilt Stand (who was standing on a bench so he was tall enough):


Because what’s better than one ferry? Three! Dude, the ferry trifecta. I love it. Every time. And I’m ok admitting that.


More quilting awesomeness.

You need Enigma. The pattern has everything you need to make it in 5 different sizes — crib, throw, twin, queen and king.

And pssst… I just got them back from the printer. That was quick! I haven’t gotten a chance to update the listings so it still shows as pre-order but I hope to have the pre-orders in the mail tomorrow.


(And no, the PDFs aren’t done. Between life last week and these getting here super quick… They are next on the to-do list. And if you’re wondering why it isn’t an instant thing for me to do? The PDFs I send to the printer are formatted to get folded and printed in the most economical way while still staying super-pretty. The PDF Versions for sale are formatted to print on your home printer. I just have to go re-flow everything, change sizes, etc. It isn’t difficult, just takes time.)

So I hope you are amazed and confused … and want to make Enigma today! (I kinda want to make another one right now.)

5 thoughts on “It’s an Enigma…”

  1. Judi Wortham Sauls says:

    This enigma is absolutely gorgeous!!!!!! I must do this quilt. thank you so much!!!

  2. Hilary says:

    Love this pattern!! Very cool!

  3. elsa says:

    It is such a wonderful quilt ~ I’ve got a few waiting to be done, but when I finish, I definitely want to do this one!

  4. Rose says:

    Love, love, love it!!! Can’t wait to make this with Lizzy House’s new Outfoxed fabric.

  5. floribunda says:

    just saw this on the Pink Chalk website and had to have it — what a sneaky pattern! I see this hapening in batiks…

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