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Smile Inducing: Slaphappy


It just makes me smile. The colors and whimsy… I’m just a sucker for it.

057 IMG_5602_3_4

057 IMG_5593_4_5

Angie did such a fab job on this.

057 IMG_5557_8_9

Did you see the rainbow?


This is the first time I got a quilt really dirty dragging it around for pictures. Thankfully a trip through the washer fixed it up just fine. Phew.

Thing 2 keeps insisting on being in the photos. I have a million pictures like this of late.

057 IMG_5554

He also insists on helping me with pictures. He doesn’t have a camera of his own, but is a-ok with stealing an iPhone to use. I’m going to have to put him on cover duty from now on!


It was the perfect quilt for an October day in Seattle.

And the pier? I love quilts on this pier. Grey’s Anatomy has an obsession with it too:


That’s the extent of my chattiness today. I’m sick and grumpy and have a bazillion things to do. Off to the thingamajigger!

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