Late Winter … New Quilts … Lots of Color

Busy as can be over here in the world of Carolina Patchworks. A new home … (But the same city …) A new project in the works … And lots of …

The Return of the Grey Box

It’s been seen before. And now it’s back. Enjoy? I promise to post the real thing soon. This is the fall release and it’s coming along …

Rainbows. Flower Edition.

Real life rainbows today. No, it’s not over-saturated in Photoshop. That’s actually how red they are. And a never-ending blue sky. My little …

My Whimsical Quilt Garden Progress

This quilt goes way back in time. The lovely Allie from Robert Kaufman sent the kit and pattern my way and it arrived at the house the day the movers started …

When Your Pixel Palette Explodes

You end up with this. First mentioned here. I took all the leftover pixels from these quilts (and a couple more that aren’t in the stacks) and sewed them …

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