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I’m changing things up.  My Etsy venture started out as an opportunity to make quilts and hopefully fund my nasty fabric buying habit.  I’ve been so busy over the past couple months with custom orders and keeping quilts in the shop that it officially has stopped being fun.

So what is going to change?

— I’m not going to be doing any custom orders until at least after Christmas… with some exceptions … two people who I’ve done quilts for before and we’ve talked about future projects and another who I’ve been talking to a bit and she just emailed me… so you three don’t worry!  I’m not going to back out on you.

— I’m changing my mentality going into the quilts I make.  I would love to design patterns all day.  From the designing, fabric choices to the design of the printed pattern are all so much fun to do.  So the quilts that end up in the store from now on will be from various stages of pattern designs.  There are a couple in there already that were ‘exploratory’ type quilts to see if it would work as a pattern.  They all work as quilts, it’s just whether or not they would be worth turning into a pattern.

— And of course there are quilts that I just want to make because of cute fabric or an idea that popped into my head.  That point kind of sounds like nothing is changing at all, but the finer details of it all in my head are different.

Since deciding to do all this this past weekend, I’ve felt much calmer which is good, since that was kind of the point.

The downside of all of this?  I have to cut back on my fabric buying since in theory not as many quilts are going to be made.  Eek.  Do you even want to know how many sales and codes I’ve passed up since the weekend?  My AmEx thanks me.  The MasterCard too.

And on that note, my next pattern will be available starting Friday!  Yay!

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  1. Stephanie says:

    Hello! I’ve been lurking on your blog for a couple of weeks (lurker sounds so creepy–let’s say browsing anonymously) and I just wanted to say good for you and wish you great luck in your new patterning adventure! Your quilts are beautiful and your fun, fresh ideas will translate really well to patterns that people will want to buy.


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