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At least it isn’t a Mistress…

Poor Sean.

He’s a victim of quilting.  My hobby has turned into a job which takes quite a bit of time.

This left Sean very sad.

So he turned elsewhere.


(See?  It isn’t a mistress.  Phew!)

He joined up with his old college roommate and formed 7b5 Labs. (I came up with the name. Can I be the Creative Director now?)

Then they wrote an app.  Because you know, there’s an app for that.  And what there isn’t an app for, someone will write one eventually so there’ll be an app for that too.

Now Sean is very happy.

xPilot is now an iPhone app.


I would link to the app itself but you can’t just look at the App Store in a browser window — you have to have iTunes.  And they don’t have iTunes for Linux so I can’t even look at it without going to the garage and digging through a pile of receipts in my purse to find my phone because, thanks to Bluetooth, I don’t even need my phone anymore to talk on it so it’s just buried in a mess.  If only I could get my e-mail to show up on the GPS screen… now that would be cool!  Wait, this is getting rant-y and way off topic…

(This is the link to the app in the store.  It just won’t work unless you have iTunes which, well, I don’t.  Hrumph.)

So run to your nearest Mac or Win computer (or your phone if you can find it) and play xPilot.  It’s pretty cool if I do say so myself.  I got to beta test it which was fun until it my motion sickness kicked in, but that’s not a knock against the game since my desk chair often makes me really sick.  This is probably why I stopped playing videogames around the NES Zelda and Mario era.  Everything since then makes me sick… along with my desk chair, curvy roads, airplanes, amusement park rides, elevators, the second floor of the Barnes & Noble at Triangle Town Center, the entire second floor of Southpoint Mall, the Catharpin Road bridge across 66 in Gainesville, VA… well, you get the point.

Why is this in the videogame section?  Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time.  I told Sean I was going to make him an xPilot quilt.  I never got to it.  Poor Sean.  The videogame quilts are not dead.  I’m working on something very cool with them.  I just need more time in my days to do it.

2 thoughts on “At least it isn’t a Mistress…”

  1. Debbie says:

    Wow! That will be the hit of the kindergarten classroom! I teach VPK so spend my days with the 4 to 5 year old crowd. A princess in a quilt – what more is there!

    Great job. I recognized the princess right away.

    Your daughter looks darling with her new quilt.

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