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Lots of quilts. Lots of color. Lots of amazing people (new and old!). Lots of amazing help from the fabulous Kathy.


The drive wasn’t half bad either. (eastern Oregon above)

Though I must say, it’s good to be home.

I have some bundles left over from Sample Spree that I listed in the Etsy Shop.  Quantities are gosh darn limited but it’s a rockin’ deal if you need some new quilts to sew.

All 13 new patterns:

And all 7 Video Game Patterns:

I found some of each so far while unpacking.  I have to *finish* unpacking so I know really how many there are.  I wasn’t the neatest packer. Maybe I’ll even get some pictures up of Market!  Wouldn’t that be amazing? ;)

Ready or Not

Here I go.

Just have to pack up the bathroom counter after getting ready tomorrow and it’s off I go.  I feel so incredibly unprepared for this Market compared to Houston.  I’m not sure why though.

I’ll be getting in mid-day on the first day of set-up which is what I did last time and it ended up working out well.

I have TONS of quilts from the book so perhaps you’ll see some. ;)



Sean just ran out with the car for gas, air in the tires and all that other man stuff I don’t do (ok, so I pump gas but avoid anything else as much as possible).

Last time all the stuff and plastic bags the quilts are in reflected up onto the windows.  Normally that wouldn’t be a big deal, but with ~2500 miles to drive in the next week it gets a little annoying.  I decided maybe I should try covering everything with neutral backed quilts to see if that helps.

If I can get my blogging app on my phone to cooperate I’ll try to blog some, otherwise head over to twitter (where I only tweet when the car is in park ;) to read my ramblings.  I wonder if there is a voice recognition, works through the car’s bluetooth and tweets what I say app.  Hmmmm…..).

Aren’t they adorable?



And the Master of mini-quilt matching:

These were the finishing touch for the booth.

Still to-do:
- laundry
- laundry
- fold laundry
- more laundry
- make sure the kids have their clothes all put away so they don’t end up nekkid while I’m gone
- more laundry
- paint my toenails blue (right after I find the polish I bought… see #1 in the next section)
- fold the rest of the laundry
- shove all the laundry into a suitcase
- shove said suitcase into the *very* full car
- drive halfway across the country

Totally not getting done even though it would have been nice to get done:
- clean up my workroom/studio/bonus room/mommy’s room/whatever you call this room that I’m sitting in right now.  It’s a mess and it would be nice to come home to a clean room.
- cleaning the rest of the house.  My arthritis is really angry right now and moving myself around is the last thing I want to do at the moment.
- my sc2 blocks.  I promise to do them as soon as I get home.
- 20 other things that I’ve forgotten about.

Time to go do some laundry (no really, the washer just finished).

… my favorite of all the quilts I’ve made.


It’s No. 033 and will be fully revealed sometime before Market (aka as soon as I get everything done!).

I heart it.  I don’t think it will be going into the closet.


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