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Mr. Liam’s World

All done.

99% of the room is from Ikea.  Did you know you can fit a bed, dresser, nightstand, bookcase, and mattress plus a Liam and stroller into a Honda Insight?  Impressive, eh? 😉  We did a second trip for the play table, frames, a million random finishing items and some stuff for the new playroom.  Good thing it only takes 3 gallons (and 2 1/2 hours, ugh!) to get to Charlotte!

The orange chair used to be a pink chair in Maeve’s room.  She had outgrown it so I got a new cover from PBK and gave it to Liam.



and Stan Jr. are from John W. Golden.  I absolutely love his work and they are perfect for the room.  I’m trying to teach Liam to say, “Hi Boris!  Hi Stan!”

All of the little frames contain Nerdy Baby Flashcards by electricboogaloo(The other 6 letters are inbetween the windows.)

Curtains are Alexander Henry’s Ready, Set, Robot! Silver UFO is from PBK that we got ages ago.

Still loving the wall.  When Liam saw the wall for the first time he said in a very quiet and amazed voice, “Wow.  Wow.  Wow.”  It was awesone.

See the Lightening McQueen pillow?  We were at JoAnn’s getting elastic for his sheets and Liam saw a bolt of Cars flannel.  He walked around the entire store hugging the bolt.  I didn’t have a choice in buying it.  He made me.

Just the quilt (a similar pattern can be found here).  I wanted a Modern Rose Garden-esque quilt but with smaller blocks to accommodate the smaller prints and Japanese fabrics but with a couple larger blocks for the robot prints. Sashed in Kona Coal and bound in a Riley Blake stripe.  Fabrics in the blocks range from Amy Butler to Cotton Blossoms to various Japanese prints to all sorts of other random prints.  It’s probably the least cohesive quilt I’ve ever made but I totally love it.  There are 26 fabrics making up the squares and rectangles.

The light blue robots print is the original Ready, Set, Robot! from 2003.  The quilt is backed in the new darker blue print.

This is probably my favorite print in the whole quilt.  It’s an Alexander Henry print from 2000.


This is Michael Miller’s Blue Robots Flannel.  I made sheets and pillowcases with it.  Liam loves it.  He has associated all of us with various robots in the scene.  He, not suprisingly, got to be the little one in the airplane/spaceship.

Next house project?  Some stuff for the walls in Maeve’s room and then painting our bedroom and bathroom.  Thankfully both of those projects are much smaller than a whole room!  Workwise, I’m working on some quilts plus 6 new patterns.  Phew.

16 thoughts on “Mr. Liam’s World”

  1. Robin says:

    Wow! Liam’s big boy room is pretty dang awesome! You did an amazing job putting it all together, Emily. And that wall is seriously something to behold. What a lucky little dude!

  2. marielle says:

    Beautiful quilt and I was hoping you’d share these details the minute I saw the first photograph from the other day. Love the idea of how to merge a mish mash of prints.

  3. Nadia Lewis says:

    Wow! I love this room so much. 🙂

  4. Tammy says:

    Excellent, simply an excellent job. Emily you are very talented. I love it, the wall, the quilt, the flash cards, all of it is fabulous. Well done.

  5. Alice says:

    Wow! You could be a professional decorator. Great room and the quilt is perfect! I’m sure you get a lot of joy out of making the perfect room for you son.

  6. Zarina says:

    Can I have that fab room? Its very impressive (plus your Honda Insight). That is the problem having the little people following you into a fabric store esp with all those designs (I don’t have it here since we are all floral type of people which is a sad thing for us quilters).

  7. Nichole says:

    Wow! That is one very cool room for the little guy. Looks great and all the little details pull it together so nicely. I love the quilt and the wall best. Great job!

  8. Viv says:

    That is a gorgeous room. Liam is a very lucky boy. The wall is awesome, the quilt beautiful, and the furniture very cool. Great job !!!

  9. Karen says:

    The room looks fantastic. I have your modern rose garden quilt pattern and hoping to use some modern bright prints and white. I am also hoping to make it larger to fit my queen bed.

  10. Melissa says:

    What a FUN room Emily! I love it. Liam is a lucky boy to have such a big room and so much space to call his own!
    Good job. I adore that line of Ikea kids furniture it is so cute and squatty.

  11. Marianne C says:

    Wow Wow Wow…I never had a boy and I didn’t think putting together a room for them would be as fun as a girl but you have absolutely changed my mind on that. I love love love the bots!

  12. jaybird says:

    what a rocking room!! i would have loved to have a room this cool when i was a kid… i guess i also need to be a bit more grateful that ikea is only 15 minutes down the road.

  13. Allison says:

    Love it! Thanks for the links to the artists.

  14. Vivian says:

    What! A! Great! Room! Lucky kid to have such a great mom who knows just what he likes. He will really enjoy it.

  15. rachel says:

    oh my gosh!!!
    this looks SO, SO good!!!

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